Galvanized steel pipes manufacturer

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time: 2014-12-16

Galvanized steel pipes manufacturer

Our Sino East Steel Enterprise company located in Tianjin of China. We are one of the the leading manufacturers 

of galvanized steel pipes in China and we have specialized in galvanized steel pipes for more than 20 years and we exported several thousands tons to all over the world every month.

Our general galvanized pipes include hot dipped galvanized steel pipes and pre-galvanized steel pipes.(1) Pregalvanized steel pipes is produced by galvanized strip which is already lead zinc plated steel belt , finished product is galvanized steel pipe, no longer galvanizing process. Zinc layer thickness is 80120 - g/m2, which can satisfy the normal use in quality and moderate in price. (2) Hotdip galvanized steel pipe ,first make ordinary steel strip into tube ,then soaking zinc in zinc bath . The advantage is the zinc layer thickness > 250 g/m2, best quality, stronger corrosion resistance ability but also the more expensive than pre-galvanized pipes..

If u want the galvanized steel pipes, please send us inquiry, we will try our best to give you the best service and best quality.

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