Steel prices accelerated down and the downtrend continues

publisher: camilla
time: 2014-05-20

 The domestic steel prices accelerated down on19th. As capital market and a period of hot rolled plate rebar futures on Friday staged a sharp downward, during the whole weekend, hong kong-listed upstream and downstream performance is relatively weak, billet prices fast downward, the finished product materials prices also continue to adjust lower.

Construction steel, Beijing, tianjin region tertiary rebar prices have close to 3100 yuan integer, hot rolled coil plate under the Beijing, tianjin, tang region price has 3300 yuan integer, part of the small plant resources even close to 3200 yuan at a lower price, in comparison, medium plate and cold rolled plate is also generally weak, but in recent short-term adjustments is relatively small. Clinch a deal the continuous overcast with prices fall, the spot is generally weak, market demanding shipment, which prove to be a new order to play mark the biggest obstacle to market, steel prices continue to slump will perform adjustment. From the point of view of the current market situation, the steel industry is experiencing the most difficult and most pain if phase, and the authorities in policy adjustment suppressed by tough operating structure transformation, to the health market will experience the worst in the process of elimination or rebirth.

Tightening financing area, economy adjust to pay attention to the ecological environment, culture, medical and other soft power and weaken the heavy industry, machinery, cement, steel and other energy-intensive endogenous growth momentum of high pollution industry, become the biggest factor of suppressing hong kong-listed overlay a tighter liquidity in the international market at the same time suppress the capital market downlink relay, hong kong-listed in sentiment and liquidity support and multidirectional pressure on the demand of the market itself, short-term or will continue to adjust.

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