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China and EU will be long term business partners and will control trade frictions

From: China trade remedy information
publisher: camilla
Time: 2014-05-06

March 31, President xi jinping held talks in Brussels with European council President . The two sides reached important consensus under the new situation ,deepen china-eu comprehensive strategic partnership and exchange of views. Xi stressed that to view china-eu relations from a strategic height, two power to central Europe, two big markets, two civilizations together, together to build peace in central Europe, growth, reform and civilized four big partnership, inject momentum for china-eu cooperation, development and prosperity to make greater contributions to the world.

When meeting with the European commission President jose Manuel barroso in Brussels, xi stressed that in the era of economic globalization, the interests are highly blend the fate of the universe. Promote the china-eu relations, win-win cooperation is the key. The two sides should firmly grasp the development of China and the European economic recovery process brings opportunities of cooperation around the implementation of china-eu cooperation 2020 strategic planning, the trade as the main driving force of cooperation, to create more for more comprehensive, more powerful, more upscale engine cooperation. The two sides should adhere to common control economic and trade issues through equal dialogue and friendly consultation, the sparks of trade friction pressure, let the prosperity and development of flame up. Hope that the eu will keep markets open, careful trade remedy measures, to control the trade friction.

Jose Manuel barroso, said eu-china relations with strategic and forward-looking, a good momentum of development. The eu hopes in 2020 under the guidance of strategic planning of eu-china cooperation, to discuss the investment agreement and the fta as an opportunity to enhance the level of trade and investment, and combining with the characteristics of both advantages, expand cooperation in the areas of urbanization, innovation, humanism, through negotiations, trade friction properly solve wireless communication equipment, etc

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