The factor of money remains press on steel -listed confidence and performance need to be careful

publisher: camilla
time: 2014-03-19

 The factor of money remains press  on steel -listed confidence and performance need to be careful

On 18th, black steel ore is weak, coal tar is strong. Shanghai steel obviously pull up then fell back on the morning of dish, in October 3240 in support. Default interest embellish real estate funds, market fears of a small enterprise capital fracture. Development and reform commission (NDRC) concentrated approval 140 billion yuan of railway construction, railway steel demand to part of the security industry. Virtual steelmaking raw materials than falling profits and finished products, sell finished products to buy the raw material first. The early stage of the operation, short positions, activists may be slightly more than single layout. In 1405 near because of the delivery month contract, under the hype season consumption factors gains in recent months or more apparent, can step in short. In February the newly built commercial housing prices have jumped from continued to narrow, but falling prices reduced Numbers of cities. The national development and reform commission recently approved focus on the 140 billion yuan of railway construction projects, the current approval limit less than in previous years. Cisa figures show that in early march the national forecasts crude steel output of 2.0968 million tons a day, still significantly below bureau of crude steel 1-2 month average daily output of 2.2 million tons. 18, east China south China spot prices continue to stabilize and part of the pull up. Market research shows that the trader's price will stronger downstream acceptance is still poor, but demand recovery degree of the key factors for the recent steel price movements. Capital factors but still on hong kong-listed confidence and performance, long need to be careful.

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