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"Reservoir" effect of steel circulation market in China weakens continuely

publisher: camilla
time: 2014-03-13

"Reservoir" effect of steel circulation market in China weakens continuely

Lange steel information research center monitoring inventory, according to the continuous data over the years after the Spring Festival peak peak are year-round inventory of inventory. From 2010 to 2013 after the national social inventory peak concentration appeared after week 4 to 5 weeks. And by the end of this year after the third week, the domestic social inventory of 18.58 million tons, 20.8 million tons of social inventory from last year's peak there is still a large distance. Overall, this year after a more moderate increase in inventory, domestic steel society with low had winter inventory un-experienced operator method match, mutual reflect market for post-holiday steel market cautious view.
The above data show that with the domestic steel market small profit operation situation is difficult to change, circulation market "reservoir" function is continuous. Circulation market risk
consciousness to strengthen, make inventory pressure reverse extrusion from bottom to top, social inventory scale production, a significant expansion of steel business inventories are not synchronized. And this change is due to more active control of steel trade, rather than passive.
In the context of economic transformation, a variety of economic factors that lead to the steel industry chain of the intermediate links steel trade circulation, excess anticipated weakening of industry profits. Combined with the iron and steel industry continues to run small profit, of funds has become a problem, and strengthen market risk consciousness. These have led to a "reservoir" effect.

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