The steel industry market will recovery in this year

source: China Trade Remedy Information
publisher: Daniel
time: 2014-01-14
Summary: The steel industry market will recovery in this year

Global steel industry is expected to achieve recovery this year, as steel production growth in the rest of Europe and the world rally.

British "Financial Times" on 15 steel industry analyst survey shows that in 2014 the world's steel production will grow by 3.6 percent, which the European steel production has finally started to rebound after bottoming out in 2013, after six years of continuous decline, the European steel production will be the first time an increase of 2.4%.

Above for 15 top steel analyst survey, expected China's steel production is expected to grow only 4 percent year on year, down from about 6 percent in 2013.

The world's largest steel trading company Duferco• Matthew De Morgan, CEO, said: "In terms of production, the steel industry has bottomed out, will usher in a more boom in 2014." World Steel Association expects the world, including China's steel production to increase by 3.5%.

British "Metal Bulletin Research," Brian • Laiwei Xi said that the next few years, new steel capacity growth is expected to be mainly from China.

In recent months, steel prices in the future is expected to become more optimistic.

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