Take the Shot in Latin America

source: China Trade Remedy Information
publisher: Daniel
time: 2013-12-27
Summary: 8,000,000 tons of steel demand gap in Latin America, at the sametime,Brazil start to anti-dumping investigation threaded brass to China

According to the Latin American Iron and Steel Institute data, the first three quarters of 2013, the Latin American apparent finished steel demand to reach 50 million tons, unchanged from the same period in 2012, while production increased slightly by 1% to reach 42 million tons. Brazil finished steel consumption is the highest, reaching 20 million tons, accounting for 40% of regional consumption, an increase of 4% in Mexico fell 10%.

1 October 2013, Latin America produced 47.5 million tons of finished steel, representing a slight increase of 1%, finished steel production in Brazil, the main manufacturer of finished steel was 22 million tons, accounting for 46% of total production in Latin America, followed by Mexico 13000000 tons, accounting for 28%. The first three quarters, Peru finished steel production increased by 18%, Chile and Colombia fell 16% and 7%.

October 2013, finished steel production in Latin America reached 500 million tons, an increase of 8%. The largest increase in Argentina and Colombia, respectively, 27% ​​and 25%, while Venezuela and Chile fell by 13% and 11%, respectively.

1 October 2013, the Latin American crude steel production of 54 million tons, down 2%: Brazilian crude steel production was 28.9 million tons, down 1%.

At the sametime, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission issued Order No. 78, decided to import from China, threaded brass (tubos de cobre ranhurados) to start anti-dumping investigations.

It means that we have market in South America except thread copper pipe, so we should know the chance in South America.

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