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U.S. hot-rolled carbon steel plate to maintain China products trade sanctions

source: Xinhua
publisher: Daniel
time: 2013-12-19
Summary: Carbon steel plate products trade sanctions

U.S. International Trade Commission on December 17 to sunset review determination to continue to import from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Ukraine and China Taiwan hot-rolled carbon steel plate products anti-dumping duties, while imports from India, Indonesia, Thailand These products impose countervailing duties.

Statement of the U.S. International Trade Commission said that the Commission considers that the cancellation of imports from these countries and regions, hot-rolled carbon steel plate products anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties could lead to renewed cause substantial harm to the U.S. industry within a foreseeable time .

The United States will continue to be imported from these countries and regions, hot-rolled carbon steel sheet products impose a "dual" tariffs, which anti-dumping duty on Chinese mainland-related products are suitable for 12.34% ~ 90.83% of China Taiwan was 20.28% ~ 29.14%.

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