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The EU will levy anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel

time: 2013-10-26

Until this year China's steel pipe industry abroad anti-dumping investigation has never stopped, in the United States for a variety of steel pipe in China export anti-dumping countervailing investigation, the eu also followed, imports of our country iron and the alloy welded pipe up to 90% of anti-dumping duties. The industry believes that countries are likely to further raise export duties on a steel, especially the alloy steel and steel pipe.

One person in the China iron and steel association, told China business news, in the huge export of steel tube, the traditional steel pipe production, export companies increase is not large, instead a lot of small steel mills and traders have joined the export of steel, some even will steel imports to domestic exports to make money, this caused the surge of China's steel exports, but have proliferated, does not mean that the export prices below cost "dumping", because of China's exports to the United States steel pipe prices higher than domestic sales prices even higher.

To control steel exports, last year the country has repeatedly out steel export control measures, steel exports this year also had certain control, but the rebound in exports again in August and hit a record high, to this, the China iron and steel industry association executive vice President luo bingsheng said to the reporter recently, believe that national export of steel and the possibility of further intensified, however, he suggested that countries can cancel steel export tax rebate or raise export duties to different varieties of steel, such as alloy bar wire in the name of the other exports.

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