"Silver ten" burst the price of building materials strong first then weak in November

publisher: camilla
time: 2013-10-22

From history or law at the same time, in the fourth quarter of calendar year steel prices began to more strong trend, from 2005 to 2012, 11-12 month run steel price trends, 11 ~ 12 months more for the rise, and this year, steel prices continued downward since late August, a "ten" nine copper iron and steel prices have stabilized rebound will, so expect this year as in previous years, starting from November steel prices rising again the possibility is very large.

Less macro major news the market at present, countries in November 18th, the third plenary session macro policy dependent on this release, and China's domestic steel market industry is still at the macro policy guided by operation. Combined with the above mentioned often in November after entering the winter, the market supply and demand side will appear inertia down, the market had winter behavior has appeared, and calendar year from November - December prices to rise. Plus time lag effect, which is expected to domestic building materials market prices weak after strong first in November.

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