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Rebar has ushered a historic trading opportunities

publisher: camilla
time: 2013-10-18

SGX ore swaps spreads before the structure is basically after the high low, dalian ore is expected to open before the structure will be high after low ore (ore import dependency of nearly 70% in China, the contract is set mainly imported ore), so Singapore ore price difference structure is the mirror of the domestic ore price difference  structure. And most of our domestic rebar futures price structure are low in front and higher behind with forward ore prices, rebar have larger production profit, this is the opposite of the actual condition of iron and steel industry, also provide the market with a large trading opportunities.

Our Sino East Steel Enterprise Co.,Ltd has manufactured the steel material for many years.The steel rebar is our main products. Over the years' commitement to quality and the reasonable price has enabled us to build a broad client base arond the world. Welcome the businessmen from all around the world to visit our factory and inquire our rebars.

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