In October the international steel market will hasten up steadily

publisher: camilla
time: 2013-10-18

Looking forward to October, we believe that the international steel market will be rendered in steady rising pattern. Despite the end of the international steel market in September rose broadly, part of the market in the callback, but based on the state of the global economic recovery further, the actual supply situation did not happen the big change, so the international adjustment of hong kong-listed belong to benign adjustment in September, will lay the ground for the stable operation of late, so in October will be rendered in steady trend rise the situation as a whole. In Europe, steel prices in September to be accepted by the market, basically not valid European demand amplification, the late rise space is not large, so the overall will be given priority to with smooth, in North America, prices in September for a small correction, will provide the space for steel mills to raise prices, steel mills will moderate time prices boost the market again, it will be pushed back into the north American market higher orbit. In Asia, China's domestic market of continuous adjustment, is expected to end, India, Japan, South Korea and other regions of the rise in prices in October, the price will be. From what has been discussed above, we believe that the international steel prices in October will be rendered in steady buoyant.


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