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The fed unclear, steel prices strong trend operation difficult to deduce

time: 2013-10-14
Steel  strong trend symptom was not driven obvious copycat consciousness among regions. From the finished product material gains will be able to see that the basic or keep in 10 to 20 yuan, the market only Ethan rose to give priority to. And during the National Day of each new finished product material inventory is not big, but this month sales cycle is shortened, and tension on the financing side, the cost of support center of gravity down, to a great extent, depress the collective action of the market. In addition, the federal reserve for how quantitative easing forward guidance is also the capital market of the most concerned about. However, U.S. President barack Obama formally nominated yellen as the fed's next President. The doves yellen said during his tenure will try our best to expand employment in the United States. The fed cuts in October QE operating results add variables, whether cash or continuation of oolong, believe that the same probability, expected capital market in the short term there will be no more obvious fluctuations, the market still is given priority to with cautious wait-and-see. After entering the fourth quarter, however, each region has entered the early goals at the end of the sprint phase, it will become a positive expectations of the market can get a boost.

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