Potential risks of anti dumping in Canada

time: 2013-07-31

Now Adding to the pressure on steelmakers’ profitability is China’sgrowing capacity, which is denting steel prices around the world. After adecade of rapid expansion, Chinese firms are now responsible for half of globalproduction. Although the government seems determined to cover the entirecountry with steel and concrete in its drive for growth, the steelmakers haveexpanded so rapidly that they now suffer from massive overcapacity.

As a manufacturer of galvanized coil in China,SINO EAST have been aware of the  pressure and it is our driving force to bemore innovative. WeSINO EAST isalso using this low price as one of our advantages to extend our market inworld.

We now doing very well business in Canada, Though thereare potential risk of  anti-dumping and countervailing duties, we haveconfidence in Canada’s market.We will  expand our  market share in Canada.


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