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Steel price is rising for two consecutive weeks

Time: 2013-07-25

The NationalBureau of Statistics released the first half year of the main data of GrossDomestic Production Yesterday (July 15,2013), which shows that the growth of7.7% GDP in the first quarter, the growth of 7.5% GDP in the second quarter,and the growth rate of 7.6% GDP in the first half year. After the data released,it triggered a stock market sharply, and driven steel spot market.Price of Construction Steel, Hot-rolled Coil, Cold Rolled Coil, SteelPlate and other steel products increases continuously in a short period.

    Although domestic steel prices reboundedfor two consecutive weeks, but an analyst Ma Guanghui from LanGe SteelInformation Research Center said that it is the external factors playing aleading role in the current downstream. And recent economic data shows thegeneral situation of steel market is still unchanged---negative situation, andthere is no enough power to go up.


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